Google Local Results really need work!

In doing some research for one of my clients (Pala Casino) I typed in a search in Google:

San Diego casino. What displayed first where the 3 local results with the map, and then the 10 normal organic listings. Aside from my new client not being in the top 10 results, they really were not to bad. All of the big players where listed. In the area with the map, I could not get over how bad the results where. Here are the results for San Diego Casino:

I am not a guy that is going to base his decision on just one example, so I tested it with another example, all of them where horrible results: Search Term: San Diego Marketing
These could be the worst results I have ever seen Google push out. I believe that until the local database is perfected, Google, do us all a favor and stop cluttering your amazing search engine with this junk.