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Internet Business Insights Volume #2

Hey All! Here is Insights #2! To allow you to get to the content you find most valuable, I broke each idea out into its own micro-post, which are below. If you would like to see the full article in its entirety, click here. Here are the topics, please choose any that may be relevant… Read more »

Internet Business Insights Volume #1

Hey All, Here is Volume #1 of my Internet Insights Newsletter. Just straight to the point facts on topics that I discussed with clients and businesses I am involved with that I feel can be beneficial to you in many respects. Not all of these will apply to your business. If you want to get… Read more »

6 Things Amazon Sellers Are Doing Wrong


Fact: Third party sellers were responsible for 39% of units sold on Amazon in Q4 f 2012. Want a bigger piece of the Amazon pie? Focus on your product rankings for searches on Amazon. Amazon Rankings for search terms are┬ádetermined┬áby the following: Traffic to the Product Page Conversion rate on your product page Number of… Read more »