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Internet Business Insights Vol #1

I am putting out a monthly newsletter with insights that I learned from that month with clients or businesses I am involved in. If you want to get added to the list, email me! General Internet Business Concepts: MVP / Lean first methodology is not just for app companies – Many of you have heard the… Read more »

Why Month To Month Contracts Beat Long Term Contracts


 Traditionally in service businesses, it’s the job of the sales person to get as many months contracted in for a client as possible. However, looking at my own data on month to month versus fixed term contracts (3 months, 6 months, 1 year) for the last 5 years, there doesn’t appear to be correlation between… Read more »

10 Tips on Selling Your Service Business / Agency


My experience in buying and selling businesses have been entirely in the digital agency space, but for the most part, all companies look at buying service businesses the same. Below is a non-sequential random list of thoughts and facts you should think about before selling your service business. Getting an LOI is the first step,… Read more »