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Direct to Consumer Brands, what to do with Amazon?

I have recently gotten into the Amazon management business and many brands don’t know where to lump Amazon as a partner. If you spoke to 10 brands about Amazon, 8 would hate them, 1 would be confused and 1 would be happy. Amazon is a massive platform for brands, you simply cannot ignore it. Consumers… Read more »

Increase Conversions with Time Sensitive Promotions

This might seem like a small item, but hands down if you are selling something on your site, you need to motivate people and give them a compelling reason to pull the trigger on an offer. Have you ever noticed when going to a physical shopping mall, that all Jewelry businesses are perpetually going out… Read more »

Importance of Website Speed for Conversions

One of the most over-looked items when it comes to improving conversion rates is site speed. There is a bunch of data out there that supports this and can be easily found, but it’s becoming increasingly important. It is also the most complex to solve in most situations as there are many things to consider… Read more »