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MVP / Lean first methodology is not just for app companies

Many of you have heard the concept “Lean Startup” or “Most Viable Product”. This is being thrown around as a term a lot in the software industry, but I have not seen it translate much to lead generation and ecommerce businesses. We get a lot of clients that make decisions in a board room after… Read more »

New website conversion issues and evolutionary web design

Have you ever gone to a large site like Amazon or Google only to see that everything has changed? You haven’t, and you won’t! They make incremental changes to their site over time by testing data to make decisions based off data, not opinion. This is a term called Evolutionary Web Design. While this is… Read more »

Selling to Amazon or selling through Amazon? Vendor And Seller Central.

Amazon is capturing close to 50% of online commerce transactions in the US, and it’s only going up. Although it has taken longer than I predicted, big brands and agencies are finally understanding that there are many options of how to sell on the Amazon website, and the unique differences between the two platforms. I… Read more »