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What does the $18.5b Snapchat IPO mean to your tech business? Nothing.

Unicorn Valuations (billion dollar+) are what fill most of the news these days. There are shows spinning out (IE: Silicon Valley on HBO) and if you were not that connected to the tech industry, you would assume that this is the norm. Come up with an idea, create a half-assed prototype, raise money at a… Read more »

When you need to protect your brand with Paid Media

You will likely be recommended by your paid media staff or agency partner to always buy branded search keywords in Google/Bing/Amazon as it typically results in the highest-converting traffic that you will get to your website. In many cases this could be good advice, but it is certainly not universal to all companies. Here are… Read more »

When Do You Need a Mobile App? Hardly Ever.

Just about every client I talk to thinks they need a mobile app. In my experience, only about 10% of companies need an app, and even less will be successful with one. Here are some of my thoughts and questions you should ask yourself before jumping on the app hype. If a mobile website wont… Read more »