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Not always going after the hard conversion in ecommerce.

Most websites selling something, (product or service) typically focus most of their site around getting a user to convert the first time they hit the site. The challenge with this is that no matter how valuable your product or service is, it is very hard to get above a 3% ecommerce conversion rate unless you… Read more »

Title and Meta Needs to Sell! And not just for SEO Reasons

This one seems obvious, but I keep running into it and it really bothers me. Companies typically use Title and Meta data for SEO purposes of tricking Google into ranking better. Not only is this a bad strategy for Google (they are smarter than that), but it is bad across the board. A bad Title… Read more »

CRO and Paid Media: Tied Together

Conversion Rate Optimization and Paid Media are very connected to each other and need to be part of the same agency / internal group, or worst case, a process needs to be put in place to connect the parties together. Conversion rate increases are not isolated to a landing page, the entire user journey will… Read more »