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Internet Business Insights Volume #2

Hey All! Here is Insights #2! To allow you to get to the content you find most valuable, I broke each idea out into its own micro-post, which are below. If you would like to see the full article in its entirety, click here. Here are the topics, please choose any that may be relevant… Read more »

To Raise Money or Not Raise Money – Bite-Sized Business Advice

Raise Venture Capital or not

I have been giving more and more advice to entrepreneurs lately telling them not to raise money. Focus on building a good business, profitably, and then think about raising money once you prove the business model. 9/10 times this is the best way to do it. Too often you hear about these huge success stories… Read more »

The Problems With Selling Lower Priced Point Items Online


Long ago, in an internet day far far away, you could very easily sell a $30 or lower price point product online. These were the days when traffic was cheap and getting your site ranked in the search engine organic rankings were practically guaranteed. Those days are over. The average cost per visitor through paid… Read more »