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The Problems With Selling Lower Priced Point Items Online


Long ago, in an internet day far far away, you could very easily sell a $30 or lower price point product online. These were the days when traffic was cheap and getting your site ranked in the search engine organic rankings were practically guaranteed. Those days are over. The average cost per visitor through paid… Read more »

Summary of Forrester’s Best and Worst in Paid Search

Forrester put out a great white paper entitled “The Best and Worst of Paid Search in 2009“. It is a good read, but mostly data-driven. The bottom line is simple, are you doing the 5 things that they did the entire study off of? See below: 1. Does the keyword appear in the paid search… Read more »

Google Could Destroy Most Web Businesses Overnight

Google continues to widen their reach when it comes to offering its own services to visitors. Google used to simply be a search engine that would organize and serve information from across the web to its audience. Times are changing, quicker than I have ever seen, and Google wants to be in control of more… Read more »