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Summary of Forrester’s Best and Worst in Paid Search

Forrester put out a great white paper entitled “The Best and Worst of Paid Search in 2009“. It is a good read, but mostly data-driven. The bottom line is simple, are you doing the 5 things that they did the entire study off of? See below: 1. Does the keyword appear in the paid search… Read more »

Google Could Destroy Most Web Businesses Overnight

Google continues to widen their reach when it comes to offering its own services to visitors. Google used to simply be a search engine that would organize and serve information from across the web to its audience. Times are changing, quicker than I have ever seen, and Google wants to be in control of more… Read more »

Real Time Search – what actually is it?

I ran into a very interesting article by Danny Sullivan (article referenced below) and he poses a very obvious (but so far not really talked about) question. What is Real Time Search? His argument is, and he is very right, that there is a huge difference between real time search and simply fresh results. Real-time… Read more »