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Percentage of traffic from a top placement

I finally did my own experiment this year. I always wondered what percentage of traffic one can expect from a specific ranking. There are so many theories out there. I have heard as high as 10% for a #1 spot and as low as 1%. Where do the major drops occur? Is it top fold?… Read more »

10 reasons why the best thing for online is a bad economy

It is my belief that all business will take a hit over the next 2 years, but it is in this time that the internet has a unique advantage to accelerate its already predicted growth to take a bigger chunk of market share from traditional business. My top 10 reasons: Gas: ecommerce companies offering free… Read more »

Search Engine Marketing Enjoying 20% growth

A recent post on TechCrunch gives great information on how well Search engine marketing is doing compared to other advertising methods: “According to eMarketer, search ad spending will reach $10.4 billion this year, more than twice as much as advertisers will spend on display ads. More importantly for Google, search ads will represent 42 percent… Read more »