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The Internet Marketing Industry is Still Rocking!

Internet marketing stats 2007/2008. The Internet marketing industry is still gaining great momentum: 1. A statistic recently put together by Comcast says it all. In 2008, it is predicted that only 7% of companies’ ad spending will end up online. This is eye-opening, as the same report shows that 17% of consumer’s ad consumption time… Read more »

The Recession’s Impact on the Internet Economy

I am getting hammered by everyone (employees, clients, investors, mom) on what I believe the impact our current recession (including peoples’ paychecks and efforts for raises) will have on our market. I get asked not only for the effects in general or in internet marketing, but an overall effect on the online economy. It is… Read more »

eVisibility named as 7th largest Advertising Agency in San Diego

I am very proud today. My company, eVisibility, has made the San Diego Business Journal’s “Book of Lists” and is ranked 7th largest ad agency in San Diego. Companies need to submit their audited financials to be on the lists, and looks like our growth has shot us into the top 10! From the looks of it, I… Read more »