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Internet Business Insights Vol #1

I am putting out a monthly newsletter with insights that I learned from that month with clients or businesses I am involved in. If you want to get added to the list, email me! General Internet Business Concepts: MVP / Lean first methodology is not just for app companies – Many of you have heard the… Read more »

Google Lies, Content On Your Site is Near Worthless


I know this thought is not a new one, but I figured I would write a post that I can direct people to as I am arguing this point more than I would like to. First off, content is not totally worthless, but writing good content and putting it on your site will not get… Read more »

CRO is Imperative for Any Successful Paid Search Campaign


A couple weeks ago our CRO Director Keith Lovgren wrote an excellent piece on “5 CRO Tools That Make Conversion Rate Optimization Better”. I wanted to follow up on this and why I think CRO is important for the success of any Paid Search campaign. Over the years I have managed hundreds of Paid Search… Read more »