Category: Online Marketing

Give Behavioral Targeting a Try

Behavioral Targeting (BT) is a fairly new method of targeting ads to visitors. It is something that has been used by search engines and big websites for quite sometime, but now, BT is moving a little more mainstream, and I believe, as long as privacy laws do not interfere, will be a serious step in… Read more »

Dont always push for the sale

Especially if you are selling a large product online, Internet stats show that someone will not make a purchase until they have been to your site 3-4 times. Because of the speed of Internet, people are doing a lot more research before making a purchase because it is quick and easy. Have your site setup… Read more »

Actually using analytics

Its quite funny as I often am guilty of this myself, but it is amazing the data that internet businesses can get for free, using Google analytics, but many dont us it. Traditional marketers would pay anything to see what products visitors had their eyeballs on, which ones longer views, which products they purchased, and… Read more »