Category: Online Marketing

Don’t offer up-sells in your cart

Shopping cart abandonment is a huge problem on the Internet.  If you are doing a good job, you will have 60% of your people leave your shopping cart in the middle of checkout. I have seen as poorly as 95% abandonment. One of the biggest mistakes is offering up-sell items during checkout. When someone sees… Read more »

Installing Analytics Correctly

When running any keyword-based campaign (SEO or PPC) setup analytics and treat each keyword in your campaign as if it where its own individual marketing initiative. You will probably find that 20% of your keywords are producing 80% of your results. You can then use the extra cash to invest into other marketing initiatives.

Bad Press – Stop Responding!

We get a lot of companies that come to use because there is bad press in the top of the search engines when you type in their company name or officer’s names. The first thing that we tell them is to stop responding to the Blogs or forums that they are being attacked on. Once… Read more »