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CRO is Imperative for Any Successful Paid Search Campaign


A couple weeks ago our CRO Director Keith Lovgren wrote an excellent piece on “5 CRO Tools That Make Conversion Rate Optimization Better”. I wanted to follow up on this and why I think CRO is important for the success of any Paid Search campaign. Over the years I have managed hundreds of Paid Search… Read more »

The Problems With Selling Lower Priced Point Items Online


Long ago, in an internet day far far away, you could very easily sell a $30 or lower price point product online. These were the days when traffic was cheap and getting your site ranked in the search engine organic rankings were practically guaranteed. Those days are over. The average cost per visitor through paid… Read more »

How not to do an email newsletter – brought to you by Best Buy

This is a short post, but I had to get it out there. I received my weekly Best Buy email newsletter yesterday and was very intrigued by the advertisement. It advertised $800 off for a Sony Flat Panel TV. I am in the market to purchase one, so I clicked on the link.The email itself… Read more »