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SMB’s – it is not as easy as dumping the Yellow Pages for the internet

One of the big changes in advertising for Small Businesses is that they are dumping the yellow pages and going online. When I talk to small businesses, they think this means dumping the yellow pages and going to search, or the internet version of the yellow pages. It is not that easy…and small businesses need… Read more »

Don’t let your online marketing company control your business

More often than not, we see clients that have given the entire keys to their online business to an online marketing company, web development company, consultant, etc. What I mean by keys is that their vendors, in many cases, control their hosting accounts, analytics accounts, paid search accounts, and in some cases, acting as their… Read more »

Google Could Destroy Most Web Businesses Overnight

Google continues to widen their reach when it comes to offering its own services to visitors. Google used to simply be a search engine that would organize and serve information from across the web to its audience. Times are changing, quicker than I have ever seen, and Google wants to be in control of more… Read more »