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Performance Based Internet Marketing – Beware of Shady Contracts

The new big word thrown out in the internet marketing world is performance-based marketing. This is when a client pays only for the performance of the company. Many interactive firms are moving to this model because it is an easier sell to the client. While in some instances performance-based contracts can be win-win, often they… Read more »

Proving value to small business owners

I know that everyone is trying to crack local internet marketing, but the end game needs to be to deliver proven value to the small business. You could rank your small business client for every dry cleaner based term in Carlsbad, ca, in every search engine and they still wont be able to gauge if… Read more »

How to manage your clients expectations for optimal satisfaction

As an SEO consultant, managing clients expectations are an absolute must for the success of a campaign and a long term client relationship. There has been a lot written on managing campaign expectations but what is often missed is managing a clients expectation when it comes to work flow, costs, availability, etc. In my younger… Read more »