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Internet Business Insights Vol #1

I am putting out a monthly newsletter with insights that I learned from that month with clients or businesses I am involved in. If you want to get added to the list, email me! General Internet Business Concepts: MVP / Lean first methodology is not just for app companies – Many of you have heard the… Read more »

B2B Marketing, B2C Marketing, They are the same – They are all human


Often times when  I meet a prospect for the first time, its starts off with “do you have B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) experience?” I have both, however, when you are dealing with the internet, there is really very little difference. When it comes to messaging, marketing, traffic, the person you… Read more »

Radical Vs. Evolutionary Web Design – Which works best?


  Evolutionary web design is not my idea, nor is it a new idea, it is just often overlooked. I figured I would resurface the differences and options between the two. “Radical Web Design” Every 2-3 years, a company decides its time to redesign its website in order to make it relevant to current standards…. Read more »