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Radical Vs. Evolutionary Web Design – Which works best?


  Evolutionary web design is not my idea, nor is it a new idea, it is just often overlooked. I figured I would resurface the differences and options between the two. “Radical Web Design” Every 2-3 years, a company decides its time to redesign its website in order to make it relevant to current standards…. Read more »

Website Speed, Usability and SEO

An often overlooked issue online is website speed. In fact, at the time of creating this post, the website you are on is probably having its own speed issues, which I am currently working on. Web page load time has a massive effect on your web business in a couple of major ways. Usability and… Read more » gets an ‘F’ rating on their PPC campaign

Whoever is running the ppc campaign should be fired. It is mine and my wives 10 year anniversary coming up next month so I am thinking we can go to Santa Barbara and have a nice long relaxing weekend. I decide to use my good friends at Google to help me with my quest…. Read more »