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Google Instant – An SEO’s Viewpoint

Wow, Google instant had the most pre-launch flurry since Gmail. At least in the world of the SEO community. The night before launch was the first night I could remember that I was actually nervous about something another company was going to do and feared the impact that it could have on my companies. Now… Read more »

How not to do an email newsletter – brought to you by Best Buy

This is a short post, but I had to get it out there. I received my weekly Best Buy email newsletter yesterday and was very intrigued by the advertisement. It advertised $800 off for a Sony Flat Panel TV. I am in the market to purchase one, so I clicked on the link.The email itself… Read more »

Time to crank up your holiday online spend

If you sell something that can potentially be given as a gift, your conversion will start to increase significantly. As the holiday nears, people stop “shopping” and start buying. Some tips to extract every penny out of this holiday: Increase your paid search bids buy as much as 100% (I would watch this closely). So… Read more »