Category: Usability

Things that screw up your shopping cart usability

I am a frequent builder and user of online carts. The fact is, the more questions you ask, the more likely you are to lose your potential customer before they click the “submit order” button. I have listed items that are surely going to bring down your shopping cart conversion rate and up your abandonment… Read more »

Forget the sale, focus on the lead

Too many people try too hard to get people to whip out their credit card and purchase online. Unless you are a huge brand name online, the highest conversion you can expect (the amount of sales you get divided by your total number of visits) is about 2%. I hardly see more than a true… Read more »

If I see another Google ad my head is going to explode

Are you as sick of seeing the ad below as much as me? If I see another Google ad my head will explode. With the reach they currently have, I believe Google will start doing more bad than good for themselves. They will have the same issue that Alta Vista/Yahoo/Excite had in the 90’s. Although banner ads… Read more »