Give Behavioral Targeting a Try


Behavioral Targeting (BT) is a fairly new method of targeting ads to visitors. It is something that has been used by search engines and big websites for quite sometime, but now, BT is moving a little more mainstream, and I believe, as long as privacy laws do not interfere, will be a serious step in helping spend online marketing dollars more efficiently.

BT is the act of tracking visitors from one page to another (even one domain to another) and giving them a reoccurring ad message. It has been proven for decades that giving a consumer a redundant message will increase the response of your ad tremendously. In some cases, as high as a 400% increase in ad effectiveness.

Currently the biggest downfall is network reach. If the visitor is on site A and your ad is displayed and then moves to site B and is not part of the same media network, chances are, you will not be able to display your ad and track the visitor. I believe that over the next 2 years, these media outlets will share their “targeted visitors” data for the purpose of displaying better ads, thus making BT that much more valuable.

Give BT a try now as you are going to get a much better deal now than you would next year. Google “Behavioral Targeting” and you will find some good networks. If you want more information about it, email me.