Google / Bing – if you want sites to follow guidelines, make it fair


Duanne Foster of Bing came out and spoke against artificial link building. You can read the full post here.

In summary, Bing appears to be gearing up to take action against people getting links for the sake of ranking.

I can understand taking action against Black Hats that are doing what they can to spam the engines for irrelevant sites. However, what about the legitimate website owner who has absolutely no chance of ever ranking against large companies with huge PR budgets. These companies by default have a very natural linking profile. However, the little guy, with very little marketing budget, has no hope.

Google and Bing can continuously pitch that they are trying to level the playing field. However, what they are doing is the exact opposite. Most commercial searches done are full of big box sites dominating ranking as their smaller counterpart doesn’t have enough links or they were penalized for simply trying to compete against them.

I hope one of these days they wake up to this massive imbalance and give some power back to the little guy.