Google Farmer Update – Who Should Care?


This is going to be one of the shorter posts I have written. I am getting a lot of questions in regards to the Google Farmer algorithm update so I thought I would put down a couple of notes on the subject.

The Google Farmer update, which took place in late February 2011, is an algorithm specifically targeting scraper sites and sites with little or no real unique value.

95% of legitimate online businesses need not concern themselves. If anything, it will help you drive further up the rankings as other sites will get removed above you. The website owners that are worrying right now have probably worried for sometime, they knew that Google would catch up with their crappy content one day.

Basically, the filter is weeding out sites that scrape content from other sites which is giving the public no real value. A Google searcher does not need to see the same content regurgitated on multiple websites. Google is looking for more uniqueness, plain and simple.

If you have a good website, with good content that you created, you need not worry. If you don’t, I suggest you get writing. Google might not have gotten you this time, but they will get you.