Increase Conversions with Time Sensitive Promotions


This might seem like a small item, but hands down if you are selling something on your site, you need to motivate people and give them a compelling reason to pull the trigger on an offer. Have you ever noticed when going to a physical shopping mall, that all Jewelry businesses are perpetually going out of business, all the time? Furniture stores do this too. This is a tried and true tested marketing tactic that has worked for centuries, here are a few tips that we have seen move the needle:

  1. Conversion Enhancement #1 – Main promotion area When someone comes to the home page of your site, there should always be a timed promotion for a product or offering. This could be a weekend sale that resets each Monday, free shipping or a gift. Whatever the promotion, put a time stamp on it, even if it’s something you may offer in perpetuity. For 99% of commerce stores, clients will come to you once or twice a year at most, so alienating a few will be greatly offset by all the new customers you get into your funnel.
  2. Conversion Enhancement #2 – Amazon + Expedia and Creating Scarcity Amazon and Expedia utilize the most effective version of scarcity on the web. On Amazon, when you are on a product page, you will often see “order in 2h 34m and get it tomorrow”. This has significant impact to get a consumer to pull the trigger right then and there. Expedia uses scarcity to show limited plane tickets and hotel room availability. You can use this for digital products and lead generation as well; “First 500 downloads free”. I would always encourage you to have integrity around offerings like this and you should not use it for every product on your site, but there are tons of ways to create scarcity, including:
    1. “Only 4 in stock today for delivery”
    2. “First 500 downloads get a gift”
    3. “Our most popular product, get it now while its in stock”
    4. “Offer expires in 2h 34m”

The more specific the scarcity point, the better it will work. A general phrase like “First come first serve” is better than nothing, but the biggest impact will be when there is something specific, like “2h 34m left until this offer expires”.

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