Internet Business Insights Volume #2

Hey All!

Here is Insights #2! To allow you to get to the content you find most valuable, I broke each idea out into its own micro-post, which are below.

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Here are the topics, please choose any that may be relevant to your business:

    1. CRO and Paid Media: Tied Together.
    1. Title and Meta Needs to be Sales Copy, Not Keyword Stuffing and It Is Not Only Hurting Your SEO Traffic.
    1. Not going after the hard conversion in ecommerce. Information gathering could make you more money.
  1. When Do You Need an App? Hardly Ever.

When protecting your brand with paid media is worthwhile and when it’s a waste of money.

What does the $18.5b Snapchat IPO mean to your tech business? Absolutely Nothing

Selling to Amazon or selling through Amazon?

New website conversion issues and evolutionary web design.