My Main Gigs which I Founded

We implement, with a dedicated focus, the investment and management of internet businesses across a myriad of industries including, but not limited to: Internet Marketing, eCommerce, PR, Reputation Management and Website Development and Design. Our remarkably talented executive tea  behind Incubate have had monumental success creating and investing in Internet businesses since the mid 90’s.

I serve as Incubate’s Chairman and lead investor.

Elevated is a San Diego internet marketing firm that is in business with your business, and we don’t succeed unless you do. We are a tight-knit group of experts in digital marketing, paid search, web development, SEO, and Conversion Rate Optimization. While we serve a wide variety of verticals, a majority of our business lies in industries with high regulatory mandates as it relates to marketing. These include Healthcare, Life Sciences, Biotech and financial services.

I serve as Elevated’s Founder and CEO.

Quiverr is a top 200 Amazon seller (out of 5 million) that utilizes its deep knowledge on the Amazon platform to help large brands perform better, manage and track sellers, manage the marketplace to ensure listings are consistent within brand scope, and much more. Not an agency offering, Quiverr’s core model is to be the exclusive buyer and seller of a brands product on Amazon, and uses its margin to invest in managing the overall presence and marketing.

I serve as Co-Founder and Executive Chairman and help with the companies overall direction.

Investments and Advisory Roles

The Motion partners bring a diverse set of talents and experience to the fund. From managing successful venture capital investments, to deep expertise in the sports industry, to building successful companies from start up to IPO, and providing investment banking and capital formation advisory services, our team provides a comprehensive set of skills required to build a successful venture fund.

I serve as an advisor to the fund as its investments.

San Diego Sport Innovators is a business 501(c)(3) not-for-profit development organization focused on establishing San Diego as THE home of the Sport and Active Lifestyle Industry (SAL). SDSI does this through connecting people, executive education, business mentoring and keeping it fun.

I serve as a board member at SDSI.

With its proprietary Content Discovery and Recommendation Engine and Instant Insight scoring algorithms, SOCi is helping businesses and digital marketing firms achieve success in social media.

I was an early investor in Soci and also serve as an Advisor to the company.