Title and Meta Needs to Sell! And not just for SEO Reasons


This one seems obvious, but I keep running into it and it really bothers me. Companies typically use Title and Meta data for SEO purposes of tricking Google into ranking better. Not only is this a bad strategy for Google (they are smarter than that), but it is bad across the board. A bad Title and Meta description will hurt you in a couple of ways:

SEO – Ranking a page with a poorly worded Title and Meta data won’t get clicks. Just like the importance of solid ad copy for a Paid Media campaign, users read and decide what they are going to click on before randomly clicking. I would take a position 5 in Google with a well thought out and high click through Title and Description than a #1 position with random garbage for text.

Social Shares – People are sharing more and more on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Most of these platforms pull in the Title and Description tags for the visible description. If this is a poorly written version or just stuffed with a ton of keywords, the share will result in very little traffic. Really think about and put time into what these things say!

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